Academy Fellows

Fellow Members are entitled to use the designation of FAAHB as long as an active members.

James Annesi, PhD, FTOS, FAPA
Vice President of Research and Evaluation
YMCA of Metro Atlanta

Adam Barry, PhD

Texas A & M University

Kenneth H. Beck, PhD
University of Maryland

Chloe E. Bird, PhD

RAND Corporation and Pardee RAND Graduate School

David R. Black, PhD, MPH,

Purdue University

Bradley O. Boekeloo, PhD, ScM, PAAHB

University of Maryland

Elaine A. Borawski, PhD 
Case Western Reserve University

Paul Branscum, PhD, RD

Miami University

Scott Carvajal, PhD

University of Arizona

John Clapp, PhD
University of Southern California

Julie M. Croff

Oklahoma State University

Michael Cummings, PhD, MPH
Medical University of South Carolina

Rita Debate, PhD
University of South Florida

Cristine D. Delnevo, PhD, MPH
Rutgers- School of Public Health

Robert Feldman, PhD
University of Maryland

Andrea C. Gielen, ScM, ScD
Johns Hopkins University

Elbert D. Glover, PhD
University of Maryland

Robert S. Gold, PhD, DrPH,

University of Maryland

Lawrence W. Green, DrPH
University of California,
San Francisco

Derek M. Griffith, PhD
     Vanderbilt University    

Katie M. Heinrich, PhD

Kansas State University

Daphne C. Hernandez, PhD, MSEd, FAAHB

 University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston

Peter Howat, PhD
Curtain University

Carolyn C. Johnson, PhD
Tulane University

Gary Kreps, PhD
George Mason University 

Jennie J. Kronenfeld, PhD
Arizona State University

Scott Leatherdale, PhD

University of Waterloo

School of Public Health and Health Systems

Adam M. Leventhal, PhD
University of Southern California

Hsien-Chang Lin, PhD

Indiana University - School of Public Health

John B. Lowe, DrPH

University of Sunshine Coast

Jay Maddock, PhD
Texas A&M Health Science Center

Robert J. McDermott, PhD

Southern Illinois University

Lara B. McKenzie, PhD, MA
Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Research Institute
Nationwide Children’s Hospital

E. Lisako J. McKyer, Ph.D., MPH

Texas A & M Health Science Center

Kenneth R. McLeroy, PhD (Deceased)

Texas A&M University

 Ashley L. Merianos, PhD, CHES
University of Cincinnati

  Ray Merrill, PhD
Brigham Young University

 James Alan Neff, PhD (Deceased)
Old Dominion University

Ian M. Newman, PhD
University of Nebraska Lincoln

Raymond Niaura, PhD
American Legacy Foundation

Mary A. Nies, PhD, RN, FAAN
Idaho State University

Roy F. Oman, PhD
University of Oklahoma

Marcia Ory, PhD
Texas A&M Health Science Center

Deborah Parra-Medina, MPH, PhD

University of Texas Health Sciences Center

Cheryl L. Perry, PhD
University of Texas 

Susan M. Rawl, PhD, RN, FAAN

Indiana University School of Nursing

Mark B. Reed, PhD

San Diego State University

Lorraine Reitzel, PhD
University of Houston

 Scott Rhodes, PhD
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Paul Sarvela, PhD (Deceased)
Southern Illinois University

Leigh Ann Simmons, Ph.D., M.F.T.

University of California, Davis

David Wyatt Seal, PhD
Tulane University
Dong-Chul Seo, PhD
Indiana University
Herbert H. Severson, PhD
Oregon Research Institute

Audrey Shillington, PhD
Colorado State University

Bruce Simons-Morton, ED, MPH
National Institute of Child Health 
& Human Development

David A. Sleet, PhD
Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention

 Matthew Lee Smith, PhD, MPH
Texas A & M University

Mary A. Steinhardt, EdD, LPC

University of Texas at Austin

Steven Y. Sussman, PhD, FAPA
University of Southern California

 Dennis L. Thombs, PhD
University of North Texas Health Science Center

 Mohammad R. Torabi, PhD, MPH
Indiana University

Samuel Dominic Castiglione Towne Jr., PhD, MPH, CPH, FAAHB

University of Central Florida 

Erika S. Trapl, PhD, FAAHB

Case Western Reserve University 

Renée Umstattd Meyer, PhD 

Baylor University

Jennifer B. Unger, PhD
University of Southern California

Eric Walsh-Buhi, PhD, MPH
San Diego State University

Min Qi Wang, PhD
University of Maryland

Kenneth D. Ward, PhD
University of Memphis

Robert Weiler, PhD, MPH
George Mason University

Michael E. Young, PhD

Center for Evidence-Based Programming

Keith J. Zullig, MSPH, PhD
West Virginia University
School of Public Health 
Joanne Sommers, M.Ed.,CHES®
Executive Director 
Phone: (419) 760-6020

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