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Fellows Class of 2021


Erika S. Trapl,PhD, FAAHB

Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Erika Trapl is an Associate Professor of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences and Director of the Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods at Case Western Reserve University. She also serves as the Associate Director of Community Outreach and Engagement at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Trapl is trained in Epidemiology with a focus on health behavior and statistical methodology. She has more than 15 years of experience leading as Principal Investigator or serving as a Co-Investigator on funded research projects and has served as a co-investigator on more than a dozen federally funded grants or contracts; almost all of these have been executed with a community-based partner. She has an extensive history in community-based tobacco control research and evaluation, with specific interest in alternative tobacco product use among adolescents and young adults. Dr. Trapl’s interests extend to tobacco use, dietary interventions, and screening behaviors among other vulnerable populations, as well as examining implementation of individual, systems, and policy interventions to identify opportunities to increase reach, broaden impact, and improve health.                                                                                                                      

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