The Original "33"

Below are the 33 founding members of the American Academy of Health Behavior in order in which they joined the Academy between April 8th and May 29th, 1997.*

1. Elbert D. Glover

2. Chudley E. Werch

3. Mark B. Dignan

4. Terri Mulkins Manning

5. David R. Black

6. Robert F. Valois

7. Mark J. Kittleson

8. Cheryl J. Dye

9. Kenneth R. McLeroy

10. Robert J. McDermott

11. David F. Duncan

12. Scott J. Leischow

13. James H. Price

14. James M. Eddy

15. Michael Young

16. Ray Tricker

17. Robert M. Weiler

18. John P. Foreyt

19. Ian M. Newman

20. Min Qi Wang

21. Thomas W. O'Rourke

22. Beverly S. Mahoney

23. Mohammad R. Torabi

24. Stuart W. Fors

25. Robert S. Gold

26. Molly T. Laflin

27. Paul D. Sarvela

28. Melody P. Noland

29. Mary S. Sutherland

30. Cheryl L. Perry

31. Lawrence W. Green

32. Rick A. Petosa

33. Nicholas K. Iammarino

Charter Members of the Academy

"Backbone" of the Academy 

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*Source: McDermott, R.J., & Glover, E.D. (2010). Formation and Early History of the American Academy of Health Behavior. American Journal of Health Behavior, 34(5), 563-572.

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