AAHB Mentorship Award  

This award recognizes an Academy member who has demonstrated outstanding mentorship by dedicating time, knowledge, and energy for the purposes of guiding, nurturing, and supporting mentees. The focus of this award is on activities that enhance the mentees' research skills, products, and careers (both academic and professional). Applicants must show strong evidence of outstanding mentorship to enhance the professional development of students, junior faculty, and/or professionals in the field. 

While teaching is a valued part of our profession, this award recognizes mentorship activities outside classroom pedagogy. Thus, we encourage applicants to highlight mentorship activities related to research and scholarship. It is emphasized that this is NOT a teaching award.

Award Eligibility:

  • Be nominated (by another Academy member)
  • Be an Full member of the Academy for a minimum of 2 years
  • Be in current 'good standing' with the Academy
  • Be considered “mid-career” (i.e., at the rank of Associate Professor or equivalent)
Nominated Candidates Must Submit:
  • A statement describing their mentorship activities and impact (2 pages double-spaced minimum; no maximum)
  • Topics to be covered in the statement include:
                                              i.     Describe the type and quality of the people/organizations mentored.
                                             ii.     Describe the types of mentoring activities in which you have engaged.
                                            iii.     Describe what drives you to be a mentor.
                                            iv.     Describe how your mentorship activities have impacted your field.
                                             v.     Describe how your mentorship activities have impacted your career.
                                            vi.     Describe how your mentorship activities have stimulated mentees to continue research-based studies and
pursue research-based careers (i.e., who are they and where have they gone)

                                          vii.     Describe your most influential/successful mentorship relationship.
This description should include
a relevant success story or case study.
  • Full CV (all mentees should be highlighted [e.g., bold, underline, etc.])
  • A letter of support from the nominee’s Chair or Supervisor (max. 3 pages)
  • Five letters of support (max. 2 pages each) from the nominee’s former/current mentees (e.g., student, junior faculty, organization)

Questions? Contact Dr. Ruopeng An: ruopeng@wustl.edu

Mentorship Awardees

Joanne Sommers, M.Ed.,CHES®
Executive Director 
Phone: (419) 760-6020
Email:  aahb.jsommer@gmail.com

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