Annual Meeting Poster Awards

2021 Poster Awards

Thank you for the contribution of both the 2020 and 2021 Research Review Chairs, Judges, and Reviewers.  

2021 Research Review Chair:  Erika Thompson, PhD

2020 Research Review Chair:  Philip Massey, PhD

2021 - Virtual Poster Awards

Outstanding Professional Poster

 Matthew Lee Smith, PhD, MPH, CHES, FGSA, FAAHB

Assessing feelings of social isolation among community-dwelling older adults

Professional Poster of Distinction

Mary Steinhardt, Ed.D., FAAHB

Campus Integration Moderates the Association Between Psychological Resilience and Anxiety

Among Underrepresented College Students 

Outstanding Student Poster

 Tyler Prochnow

Online gaming network communication dynamics, depressive symptoms, and social support: 

longitudinal network analysis

Student Poster of Distinction


Chase Bruckner 

Whole Exome Sequencing for newborns: Pregnant Latina’s Viewpoints

2019 Poster Awards

Research Review Chair:  Daphnie Hernandez, PhD


Elaine Borawski

Daphne Hernandez

Wenhua Lu

Annie Nguyen

Elbert Glover 

Randy Hubach

Jay Maddock 

Steve Sussman 

Sarah Griffin

Carolyn Johnson

Lisako McKyer

Rick Zimmerman

Professional Poster Winner

Dr. Hsien-Chang Lin

“The mediating role of internalizing and externalizing behaviors in the association between childhood neglect and suicidal behaviors”

Professional Posters of Distinction

Dr. Phillip Massey

“One man’s fight to wipe HPV off the face of the planet- the power of personal narrative in online news"

Dr. Erika Thompson

“Are women willing to make the transition to primary HPV testing instead of pap testing?”

Student Poster Winner

Yunyu Xiao

“Social network risks and multiple health behaviors among adolescents: The moderating role of future orientation”

Student Poster of Distinction

Gabriel Benevidez

“Examining the relationship between peripheral nerve impairment and depressive symptomology”

2018 Poster Awards

Research Review Chair:  Annie Nguyen, PhD


Ruopeng An                Jason Daniel-Ulloa      Anna Greer                 Daphne Hernandez     Hsien-Chang Lin

Wenhua Lu                  Jay Maddock               Phillip Massey             Julie Merten                  Roy Oman

Mary Steinhardt          Steve Sussman           Mohammad Torabi    Shana Walsh  

Outstanding Research Poster

Yumary Ruiz, PhD, MPH

 "Educational Challenges and Supportive Resources Associated with the Academic Success of Latino Children in Migrant Farmworker Families"

Outstanding Student Poster

Leah Gagnon

"An egocentric network analysis assessing group exercise membership and holistic health benefits among a sample of university employees: A pilot study"

Professional Poster of Distinction

Julia E. Painter, PhD, MPH

Factors associated with disclosure of same-sex sexual behaviors to healthcare providers among men who have sex with men in Baltimore City

Student Poster of Distinction

Teresa McGeeney

Military youth and prescription opioid abuse risk factors

2017 Poster Awards

Research Review Chair:  Abigail Gamble, PhD


Outstanding Research Poster

 "Relationship between agricultural experiences and students' fruit and vegetable perceptions and consumption: formative research"

Authors:  Dr. Anna Greer & Davis S, Sandolo C, Gaudet N, Castrogivanni B

Outstanding Student Poster

“Effects of Chronic Disease Self-Management Program on Medication Adherence among Older Adults”

Authors:  Shinduk Lee & Ory MG

Professional Poster of Distinction

“Trends in Spatial Correlates of Fall-related Hospitalizations and Resource Allocation for Older Adults”

Author:s  Samuel Towne, Jr. & Ory MG, Li Y, Quinn C, Howell DA, Smith ML

Student Poster of Distinction

"Qualitative investigation of vaccine decision-making among mother-daughter dyads in an uninsureimmigrant population"

Authors:  Suyane Viana de O. Mesquita & Painter JE, Jimenez L, Silva AA, Petruszyn MA, Sutter CJ, Sutter R

2016 Poster Awards

Research Review Chair:  Hsien-Chang Lin, PhD


Idethia Harvey

Annie Nguyen

Yuyan Shi

Carolyn Johnson

Katie Heinrich

Anna Greer

Adam Barry

Jen Nickelson

Jay Maddock

Phillip Massey

Outstanding Research Poster

"Adaptation of alcohol screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) for active duty military personnel in an emergency department: results of a formative research study"

Authors: Reed MB, Holt M, Woodruff SI, DeMers G, Matteucci M

Outstanding Student Poster

"Association between diabetes self-management with social support at different durations of diabetes."

Authors:  Lee S, Towne SD, Ory MG

Poster of Distinction

"Using the integrated behavioral model of prediction to predict parental monitoring of fruit and vegetable consumption among Hispanic mothers"

Authors:  Branscum P, Lora K

Student Poster of Distinction

"Participant adoption of an Ehealth group for tobacco cessation among people living with HIV: 
expanding possibilities in the digital age"

Authors:  Turner D, Rivera A, Logan R, Sharma V, Shuter J, Marhefka S

2015 Poster Awards

Research Review Chair:  Anna E. Greer

Judges:  Adam Barry, Jennifer Cantrell, Elbert Glover, Carolyn Johnson, Adam Knowlden, Mark Reed, Matthew Lee Smith

Outstanding Research Poster

Diffusion of an evidence-based smoking cessation intervention through Facebook: A randomized controlled trial.

Authors:  Amanda Graham, Megan Jacobs, Paul Wileyto, Jody Brookover, Nathan Cobb

Outstanding Student Poster

The relationship between girls' pubertal; timing and peers' risk behaviors in adolescence.

Authors:  Emily Hendrick, MPH and Jessica Cance

Poster of Distinction

Awareness of human papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV vaccination among college men.

Authors:  Adam Knowlden, Hannah Priest

Student Poster of Distinction

The relationship between girls' pubertal; timing and peers' risk behaviors in adolescence.

Authors:  Emily Hendrick, MPH and Jessica Cance

2014 Poster Awards

Abstract Chair: Mark Reed

Judges: Elbert Glover, I. Shevon Harvey, Kaigang Li, Mark Reed, Peter Wang

Alternate Judges: Lorraine Reitzel, Mary Steinhardt

Outstanding Research Poster

Are Disabled Older Adults Living in More Cohesive Communities more Likely to Receive Help with Mobility Needs?

Authors: Annie L. Nguyen and D. B. Mukamel

Outstanding Student Poster

The Daily Show and Youth-Targeted Alcohol Advertising: An Analysis of Marketing Appeals

Authors: Alisa A. Padon, R. N. Rimal, L. C. Coleclogh, and D. J. Jernigan

Posters of Distinction

Cigarette Brand Switching among Adult Smokers in the U.S.

Authors: Michael K. Cummings, M.E. Cornelius, G. Fong, P. Driezen, D. Hammond, A. Hyland, M. Bansal-Travers, and Frank J. Chaloupka

Tobacco Retail Outlet Advertising Practices and Proximity to Schools, Parks and Public Housing Affect Synar Underage Sales Violations in Washington, D.C.

Authors: Thomas Kirchner, A.C. Villanti, Jennifer M. Cantrell, A.A. Ansetti-Rothermel, O.T. Ganz, K.P. Conway, V.M. Vallone, and David B. Abrams

The Use of Crowdsourcing for Photo Data Collection in Tobacco Point-of-Sale Surveillance Research

Authors: Vinu Ilakkauven, M. Tacelosky, Jennifer Cantrell, Thomas R. Kirchner, and D. Vallone

2013 Poster Awards

Research Abstract Chair: Katie M. Heinrich

Tech Demo Abstract Chair: Eric Buhi

Judges: Mary Greany, Jeff Hallam, Katie Heinrich, Mark Reed, Lisa Benz Scott, Mary Steinhardt

Outstanding Research Poster

Trends in Substance Use Among 6th-10th Grade Students from 1998 to 2010: Findings from a

National Probability Study

Authors: Ashley Brooks-Russell, Tilda Farhat, Denise Haynie, and Bruce Simons-Morton

Outstanding Student Poster

Positive Emotions Build Personal Resources and Reduce Depressive Symptoms in Military Spouses:

A Prospective Study

 Authors: Kathryn E. Faulk, Mary A. Steinhardt, and Jessica D. Cance

2012 Poster Awards

Abstract Chair: Mary A. Steinhardt

Judges: Mary Greaney, Jeff Hallam, Mark Reed, Lisa Benz Scott, Katie Heinrich

Outstanding Research Poster

Impact of Audio-Enhancement and Electronic Format on Adolescent Survey Responses: A Comparative Study

Authors: Erika Trapl, Elaine Borawski, Natalie Colabianchi, David Litaker, and H. Gerry Taylor

Outstanding Student Poster

Successful Aging and Social Engagement Among Asian Elders

Authors: Annie L. Nguyen and David W. Seal

Posters of Distinction

Evaluation of a Secondary Prevention Training Program on Disordered Eating

Authors: Rita D. DeBate, Deborah Cragun, Ashley Gallentine, Herb Severson, Carley Cantwell, Steve Christiansen, Anne Koerber, Scott Tomar, Kelli McCormack Brown, and William Hendricson

Experimental Study of Graphic Warning Labels Over Time Examined by Race/Ethnicity and Education Status

Authors: Jennifer Cantrell, Rebekah H. Nagler, K. Viswanath, Becky Rubenstein, and Donna Vallone

Normal Cholesterol Levels Associated with Unhealthy Dietary Behaviors and Higher Mortality Rates

Authors: Rodney G. Bowden, Paul La Bounty, Brian A. Shelmadine, A. Alexander Beaujean, Ronald L. Wilson, and Stuart Hebert

Physical Activity Availability, Access, and Transportation among Mexican-origin Women in Texas Border Colonias

Authors: M. Renee Umstattd Meyer, Cindy L. Salazar, Megan S. Patterson, and Joseph R. Sharkey

Student Poster of Distinction

Depressive Symptoms Among US Military Spouses During Deployment: The Protective Effect of Positive Emotions

Authors: Kathryn E. Faulk, Christian T. Gloria, Mary A. Steinhardt, and Jessica Duncan Cance

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