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Academy Scientific Meetings

2025 Scientific Meeting

March 16-19, 2025
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay
San Diego, California

“Bridging the Gap:
Advancing Health Behavior Research through Implementation Science"

Implementation science plays a crucial role in translating research findings into real-world practice, ensuring that evidence-based interventions effectively reach and impact target populations. This conference will explore the intersection of implementation science and health behavior research, highlighting innovative strategies, best practices, and challenges in successfully implementing interventions to promote positive health behavior change. By fostering collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, we aim to accelerate the translation of research into practice, ultimately improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities.

Information on the 2025 Scientific Meeting Will Be Available Soon.

Most Recent Previous Meetings

2024 Scientific Meeting

April 14-17, 2024
The Desoto Hotel
Savannah, Georgia

“Health Communication, (Mis-)Information, and Behavior:
Leveraging Technology for Behavioral Interventions
and Health Behavior Research"

This meeting aims to explore the latest research and developments in health communication, interventions, misinformation, and health behavior research, particularly regarding digital technologies. Experts in the field will share their insights on various topics including the impact of social media and misinformation on health behaviors, designing effective health communication campaigns, strategies for addressing misinformation, and evaluating the effectiveness of health communication and behavior change programs. The program will include keynote speeches, panel discussions, oral and poster presentations, and workshops to provide a comprehensive understanding of the latest research in the field. The conference aims to foster collaboration among researchers to promote evidence-based solutions for improving public health. We look forward to your participation in this exciting event!

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2023 Scientific Meeting

March 12-15, 2023
Grand Hyatt
San Francisco, California

“The science of identities: measurement & methods
for translational health behavior research"

Health behavior research is fundamentally concerned with the actions of people within a given environment. Individuals and environments are highly complex and interactive, and health behavior science must evolve alongside our understanding of these complexities. This meeting will offer forward-thinking presentations and discussions on topics such as theoretical and conceptual frameworks, challenges and solutions to measuring the intersectionality of identities across the life course, and meaningful translation of research into sustainable long-term systemic and environmental changes within underserved populations. Discussions will be guided with a vision towards the development of strategies designed to contribute to health equity.

2022 Scientific Meeting

March 13-16, 2022
Key Largo, Florida

“The Science of Health Behaviors
in Times of Crises"

This year's meeting theme is The Science of Health Behaviors in Times of Crises. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, weather disasters across the globe, civil unrest triggered by the deaths of Black men (e.g., George Floyd), and the current Afghanistan crisis, the people, organizations and nations of this world are responding and behaving in ways unlike ever before, particularly in terms of health, economics, social relations, policy, and much more. It has never been more important to explore and understand the ways crises are felt at every level, and how they impact the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

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