Academy Scientific Meetings

2022 Annual Scientific Meeting - March 13-16, 2022

The Science of Health Behaviors in Times of Crises

Baker's Cay Resort - Key Largo

Key Largo, Florida

2021 Virtual Scientific Meeting

"Transforming the Narrative to Meet Emerging Health Behavior Challenges"

March 2026, 2021

A month of engaging presentations, networking, learning new techniques, data, investigations, and professional development opportunities!  

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2021 AAHB Virtual Meeting Overview

20th Annual Scientific Meeting - March 8-11, 2020

“Transforming the narrative to meet emerging health behavior challenges”
Canceled due to Circumstances Beyond Our Control

In an era of fake news, a perceived war on science, and social media influencers, it has never been more important for health behavior researchers to get reliable and accurate information out to the public.  The focus is to equip members with the skills to adapt their research to “get ahead of” new health problems that emerge when the general narrative is confusing.  The conference will offer skills-based trainings that can be applied to any health behavior topic to make our scientific narrative more engaging and relevant.

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