Health Behavior Research (HBR) is the Official Journal of AAHB

Published four-times per year, HBR is a peer-reviewed open-access scholarly journal that publishes original research articles, current issues papers, commentaries, and abstracts from the annual meeting of the Academy.

Health Behavior Research is dedicated to the translation of research to advance policy, program planning, and/or practice relevant to behavior change.

This journal is the product of the hard work of many of our members over the past several years.  We hope that the papers in this journal will help us to advance the field with strong empirical articles and insightful theoretical pieces.  The journal is now officially accepting papers with a quarterly schedule.

We have developed an outstanding editorial board with Past President and AAHB Fellow, Rita DeBate and Anna Greer serving as Co-Editors-in-Chief along with Lawrence Green and Steven Sussman, both AAHB Research Laureates serving as Honorary Laureate editors.  Nine additional AAHB Fellows have agreed to serve as members of the editorial board creating an outstanding group of researchers to lead this journal.

For guidelines on article submissions and more information, please visit

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