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2021 Virtual Scientific Meeting

March, 2021

“Transforming the Narrative to
Meet Emerging Health Behavior Challenges"

In an era of fake news, a perceived war on science, and social media influencers, it has never been more important for health behavior researchers to get reliable and accurate information out to the public. The focus is to equip members with the skills to adapt their research to “get ahead of” new health problems that emerge when the general narrative is confusing. The conference will offer skills-based trainings that can be applied to any health behavior topic to make our scientific narrative more engaging and relevant.

Thanks to the sponsors of the 2021 Virtual Scientific Meeting 

ATM School of Public Health University of North Texas Health Service Center at Fort Worth John Hopkins Health Behavior and Society Kansas State University College of Health and Human Services Nationwide Childrens Hospital Sacred Heart Hospital College of Health Professions Stata  UC Davis

Fellows Support

Kenneth Ward - University of Memphis
Dennis Thombs - University of North Texas Health Science Center
Jason Maddock - Maddock Consulting
Katie Heinrich - Kansas State University
Lorraine Reitzel - University of Houston
Daphne Hernandez - University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston
Carolyn Johnson - Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Mohammad Torabi - Indiana University
Hsien-Chang Lin - Indiana University
Paul Branscum - Miami University
E. Lisako McKyer - Texas A & M University
M. Renée Umstattd Meyer - Baylor University

Roundtable Sponsor

Katie Heinrich - Kansas State University, Department of Kinesiology

Underwrite a Student's Registration

Annie Nguyen - University of Southern California

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