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Research Scholars Mentorship Program (RSMP)

The Academy provides a 12-month mentoring opportunity to a competitive pool of junior-level, health behavior researchers. The purpose of the RSMP is to provide structured mentorship to early career investigators in the production of high-quality, scholarly, research-based products that address any area of health behavior-related research. The research-based products and/or processes resulting from the RSMP are determined by each mentee-mentor pair collaboratively. Senior investigators from AAHB (mentors) are partnered with selected junior investigators (mentees) and matches are made based on content or methods expertise.

Details about the RSMP and its founding principles are described in Smith et al (2019).

Collective Impact from each cohort can be found on the RSMP Collective Impact page.

Mentee Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a current, paid member of AAHB in good standing at the time of application
  • Have completed a doctoral level degree in a health behavior discipline
  • Be able to articulate a health behavior research agenda

Application Process

The mentee applicant should identify three preferred AAHB mentors. It is recommended, but not required, that the mentee contact proposed mentors prior to submitting an application to determine their interest in the program and solicit agreement to participate in the RSMP. The program leadership will also attempt to recruit preferred mentors but a match is not guaranteed. For a directory of AAHB members, log in with your account and navigate to the "Members Only" menu for the Membership Directory. Applicants that are not yet members may email Joanne Sommers to request a full list of AAHB members.

Interested applicants should email the following to the RSMP Director, Matthew Lee Smith, PhD, MPH on or before January 31.

  • Mentee application form 
  • Current CV
  • Personal statement of interest (maximum of 500 words)

Program elements

Mentee-mentor pairs will commit 12 months to the program and agree to participate in the following:

  • Developing a mentor/mentee work plan
  • Identify and develop research-based products (e.g., grant proposal, manuscript) and engage in research-based processes (e.g., interviewing, navigating tenure and promotion)
  • A teleconference kick-off meeting
  • Four hours of face-to-face dedicated mentoring time at the next annual AAHB meeting
  • Produce a mid-year progress report
  • Produce a final report
  • Keep AAHB informed about professional accomplishments via survey participation

2022 Research Scholars

Welcome 2022 AAHB RSMP Cohort

Mentees Mentors
Dr. Nolan Kline Dr. Scott Rhodes
Dr. Benjamin Montemayor Dr. Ashley Merianos
Dr. Alyssa Robillard Dr. David Seal

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2021 Research Scholars

Welcome 2021 AAHB RSMP Cohort

Mentees Mentors
Dr. Stacey Griner Dr. Barbara Van Der Pol
Dr. Wasantha Jayawardene Dr. Elizabeth Richards
Dr. Andrea McDonald Dr. Daphne Hernandez
Dr. Qian Wang Dr. Adam Leventhal

2020 Research Scholars

Welcome 2020 AAHB RSMP Cohort

Mentees Mentors
Dr. Xuewei Chen Dr. Gary Kreps
Dr. Page Dobbs Dr. Paul Branscum
Dr. Christine Hackman Dr. Paul Branscum
Dr. Ming Li Dr. Gary Kreps
Dr. Chisom Odoh Dr. Daphne Hernandez
Dr. Andrew Pickett Dr. Matthew Lee Smith
Dr. Daniel Valdez Dr. Jennifer Unger
Dr. Shana Walsh Dr. Anna Greer

2019 Research Scholars

Welcome 2019 AAHB RSMP Cohort

Mentees Mentors
Dr. Nipa Kamdar Dr. Anna Greer
Dr. Rachael Nolan Dr. Jon Agley
Dr. Megan Patterson Dr. Katie Heinrich
Dr. Brittany Shuler Dr. Elaine Borawski
Dr. Selina Stasi Dr. Renée Umstattd Meyer
Dr. Lisa Wigfall Dr. Rick Zimmerman

2018 Research Scholars

Welcome 2018 AAHB RSMP Cohort

Mentees Mentors
Dr. Derek Crawford Dr. Katie Heinrich
Dr. Jason Daniel-Ulloa Dr. Michael Rovito
Dr. Jessica King Dr. Christine Delnevo
Dr. Ping Ma Dr. Lara McKenzie
Dr. Yumary Ruiz Dr. Rita Debate
Dr. Erika Thompson Dr. David Seal
Dr. Amanda Wilkerson Dr. Renée Umstattd Meyer

2017 Research Scholars

Welcome 2017 AAHB RSMP Cohort

Mentees Mentors
Dr. DLauren Bartsch Dr. Jennifer Unger
Dr. Wura Jacobs Dr. Adam Barry
Dr. Julie Merten Dr. Lara McKenzie
Dr. Julia Painter Dr. Carl Latkin
Dr. Michael Rovito Dr. Derek Griffith
Dr. Lori Spruance Dr. Jay Maddock

2016 Research Scholars

Welcome 2016 AAHB RSMP Cohort

Mentees Mentors
Dr. Haijuan Gao Dr. Xiaoming Li
Dr. Wenhua Lu Dr. Thomas R. Kirchner
Dr. Sarah B. Maness Dr. Lorraine R. Reifzel
Dr. Brittany L. Rosen Dr. Gary L. Keeps
Dr. Matthew E. Rossheim Dr. Mark B. Reed
Dr. Ledric D. Sherman Dr. Derek M. Griffith
Dr. Samuel D Towne, Jr. Dr. Matthew Lee Smith
Dr. Karen H. Kim Yeary Dr. Paul Estabrooks

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2015 Research Scholars

Welcome 2015 AAHB RSMP Cohort

Mentees Mentors
Dr. Michael Mackenzie Dr. Diane Abatemarco
Dr. Rodney Joseph Dr. Jay Maddock
Dr. Annie Nguyen Dr. Scott Rhodes
Dr. Christina Sun Dr. David Seal
Dr. Nathan Smith Dr. David Seal
Dr. Paul Branscum Dr. Lorraine Wallace
Dr. Rachel Torres Dr. Derek Griffith
Dr. Ashley Merianos Dr. Adam Barry
Dr. Daphne Hernandez Dr. Lisako McKyer
Dr. Abigail Gamble Dr. Mark Kittleson
Dr. Katie Crosslin Dr. Kelli England Will

View the 2015 Research Scholars and Mentoring Program Biographies

2013 Research Scholar

Congratulations to the 2013 AAHB RSMP Cohort

Mentees Mentors
Dr. Kimberly Hieftje Dr. Ken McLeroy

2012 Research Scholars

Welcome 2012 AAHB RSMP Cohort

Mentees Mentors
Dr. Shevron Harvey Dr. Andrea Gielen
Dr. Dawnavan Davis Dr. Cheryl Holt
Dr. Latrice Pichon Dr. Janice Bowie
Dr. Shedra Snipes Dr. Collins Airhihenbuwa
Dr. Dawn Richardson Dr. Ken McLeroy
Dr. Louis Graham Dr. David Seal

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