AAHB TEDx Inspired Presentations Tuesday, March 9, 2021

This is a TEDx-inspired event for all attendees. 

Six presenters have received professional coaching in preparation for TEDx-like event on March 9, 2021 during the AAHB Virtual Scientific Meeting.

Following the presentations, we hope to share thought-provoking ideas about our science to spark conversation, make connections, and inspire others. Participants received professional coaching to gain skills in storytelling, content framing, presentation and delivery. During the process, professional coaches worked individually with presenters in preparation for the event in March. 

Why is AAHB doing a TED-style event at the annual meeting?

Yes, we are changing things up, but retaining what we value most. This presentation style achieves five important goals for the Academy.

  1. IT TEACHES—a compelling way to present information that places emphasis on stories.
  2. IT HUMANIZES—by making the experts vulnerable and their stories personal.
  3. IT SIMPLIFIES—complex subject matter to one central idea, leading to greater understanding.
  4. IT COMPELS—audiences with a reason to care, learn and also take action.
  5. IT TRANSFORMS—people, perceptions and internal cultures, as well as how to communicate better going forward. It has the ability to renew greater appreciation and momentum for our organization’s purpose.

BENEFITS. The benefits of this approach go far beyond the immediate gratification of delivering a great presentation.Presenters received the following:

  • Professional one-on-one coaching over 8 weeks;

  • A pre-recorded video of the presentation.
  • Connections to top speaker training firm and coaches; (you can bring this event style and/or training back to your institution); 
    • Opportunity to present science and share ideas with AAHB conference attendees.

    Thank you for generous support from Nationwide Children's Center for Injury Research and Policy and participant cost-sharing for providing this unique opportunity!
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