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Sample Abstract: Research Poster Presentation
 Authors:  Dewey RR, Cheatum PS, Howe TR
 Body: Purpose: The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between age and perceived importance among researchers of the American Academy of Health Behavior. Methods: One hundred forty-five members of the Academy were sent a survey to complete. The 65 item survey "Attitudes Toward Research" measured attitudes toward importance, relevance, and success in research. Previous studies show the survey to be highly reliable with an internal consistency ranging from .72 and .85. Those not completing the survey were sent follow-up letters and surveys one month after the initial mailing. Results: 75 completed the survey via the first round, and an additional 40 completed the survey with the follow-up letter, resulting in 115 completing the survey. This is a 79% return rate. Results revealed that there is a significant relationship between age and importance, indicating that the younger the individual the more important the perception of research.  In addition, there was a strong relationship between age and relevance and age and perceived success. The older the person the more likely they are to note relevance and success of research. Conclusions: Older researchers are more apt to focus on relevance rather than importance of research. In addition, younger researchers need to focus more on not just the importance but the relevance of conducting research. The "publish or perish" mentality on campuses may account for the need for younger researchers to publish as much as they can, whereas older researchers, who most likely have received tenure and professor-status are more likely to focus on the relevance.
 Corresponding Author:  RR Dewy

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