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Optional Workshop

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Retreat and Workshop

Get ready to meditate, do yoga and learn about behavior change based on Mindfulness.

Join us on Sunday for a retreat and workshop. Wear comfortable clothing and take back

home stress reduction mindfulness practices!

Workshop Presenters:  Diane J. Abatemarco, Ph.D,MSW, and Meghan Gannon, MSPH
Nemours Children’s Health System     

 Sunday, February, 21st - 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm 
Registration Required - Limit - 30  
Members:  $100     Non-Members: $125     Students: $100

Description:  This workshop will both demonstrate and describe the use of  Mindfulness Based Practices.  Workshop activities will include: mindfulness exercises, working in dyads and small groups, and workshop discussions to explore mindfulness.  Secondly, the workshop will include a presentation of a mindfulness based parenting (MBP) curriculum that was adapted and tailored to the study population.  The adaptation included becoming trauma informed and understanding substance abuse treatment and relapse prevention.  Staff training in mindfulness based stress reduction and its effects on transforming the program’s mission to include mindfulness will also be described.  

Resources will be provided to participants. 

Activities: During the workshop, participants will experience several mindfulness based exercises and brief meditations that will explicitly demonstrate how mindfulness positively influences behavior change.  Exercises can be easily adapted to participant interactions and also may help prevent staff burnout.

Demonstration exercises may include:

Glitter globe, 3 Deep Breaths, Object Focusing, 3 minutes of doing nothing, sitting meditation, body scans, gentle yoga exercises, learning to see thought patterns and ways to calm the mind, hear the heart and recognize body sensations.

 Learning Objectives:

  1. Experience, learn, and use mindfulness practices to decrease stress levels.
  2. Learn to articulate and understand the constructs of mindfulness and the usefulness for improving specific behaviors (e.g., attachment, bonding, and parenting style) with different population groups.  We will include a discussion of assessment instruments that measure change as a result of mindfulness practices.
  3. Understand and demonstrate how mindfulness can support a trauma informed environment and practices to enhance behavior change.
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