Health Behavior Research Special Issue Call for Papers

12 Aug 2018 8:14 AM | Joanne Sommers (Administrator)

Health Behavior Research Special Issue Call for Papers

Special Issue:

Guest Editors: Erika Trapl, PhD, Associate Professor of Population & Quantitative Sciences, Case Western Reserve University, and E. Lisako J. McKyer, PhD, MPH, FAAHB, Associate Professor of Health Promotion & Community Health Sciences, Texas A&M School of Public Health. 

Health equity allows for individuals and communities to have fair opportunities to reach optimal levels of health, by paying particular attention to those at greatest risk. It extends beyond identifying health disparities. Health behavior research using a health equity lens requires researchers to more expressly consider multiple contexts in understanding (and modifying) health-related behaviors and disparities in outcomes.  The results of such studies are critical to advancing our knowledge base, and for making meaningful progress toward optimal health and health equity.

We invite contributions from relevant research initiatives that focus on health equity in the context of health behavior change. 

Papers should examine some aspect of health equity as it relates to:

  • Testing theoretical principles across a diverse array of settings and populations to enable investigators to better specify the scope of a theory;
  • Further developing processes that shape primary constructs identified in health behavior theories to inform guidelines for strategies to target constructs in policy, planning, and practice;
  • Addressing the causal processes invoked by mediators and moderators that inform theory refinement;
  • Providing empirical evidence that informs researchers about the potential factors that lack predictive and explanatory health behaviors so as to refine and reduce the number of constructs within existing theories that predict and explain health behavior;
  • Providing rationale for theory refinement based on application and rigorous testing.
  • Addressing new and emerging concepts and theory used in health behavior research, conceptual frameworks, methods, and analyses.

Authors are asked to submit a paper that meets the following requirements:

  • 250 word abstract
  • no more than 4,000 words
  • total limit of 6 tables, 6 figures, or a combination of 6 tables and figures
  • American Psychological Association Manual of Style, 6th edition
  • Authors must include 1-2 discussion questions related to their article
  • Follow formatting rules outlined at the HBR webpage:

Each paper will be considered under a rigorous peer review process. All questions should be directed to the guest editors: Drs. Lisako McKyer ( ) and Erika Trapl ( Manuscripts should be submitted to

Submission Deadline: September 7, 2018

Publication Date: Mid-November, 2018

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