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23 Nov 2016 10:10 AM | Joanne Sommers (Administrator)

Since March, 2018

Justin McDaniel, PhD - Southern Illinois University

Aaron Diehr, PhD - Southern Illinois University

Mary Odom, PhD - Texas state University

Robert McDermott, PhD - Southern Illinois University - Membership Renewal

Asrat Amnie, MD, EdD, MPH - Hostos Community College of The City University of New York

Wasantha Jayawardene, MD, MS, PhD - Indiana University

Since March, 2017

M. Elizabeth Fore, Idaho State University

Rose Marie Ward, PhD - Miami University

Elizabeth Richards, PhD, RN - Purdue University

Kelly Wierenga, Case Western Reserve University

Ashlee Walker - Tulane University

Sarah Maness, PhD - The University of Oklahoma - Affiliate to Full Member

Meghan Shewmake, MA - The University of Alabama

Elizabeth Kwon - Indiana University

Diana Kuo, MPH - University of Louisville

Debra Kellstedt, MPH - Texas A&M University

Kristi Roberts, MS, MPH - Nationwide Children's Hospital

Adam Barry, PhD - Texas A & M University - Fellow

Elaine Borawski, PhD - Case Western University - Fellow

Michael Cummings, PhD, MPH - Medical University of South Carolina - Fellow

 Derek Griffith, PhD - Vanderbilt University - Fellow

 Eric Walsh-Buhi, PhD, MPH - San Diego State University - Fellow

Robert Weiler, PhD, MPH - George Mason University - Fellow

Tyler Prochnow - Baylor University

Jessica King - Wake Forest School of Medicine PHS

Zhi Wang - Indiana University

Lindsay Tompkins - University of Louisville

Kelly Ylitalo, PhD,MPH  -  Baylor University

Amanda Wilkerson, PhD - The University of Oklahoma

Sarah Cosgrove, PhD - Kansas State University

Jennifer Manganello, PhD, MPH - University at Albany

Blair Coleman, PhD, MPH - FDA - Affiliate to Full Member

Hala Madanat, PhD, MS - San Diego State University

Jessica Perkins, PhD - Vanderbilt University

Devon Noonan, PhD, MPH - Duke University

Steven Hawks, EdD, MBA, MA - Utah State University

Jennifer Evans, MEd - The University of Alabama

Colleen Payton, MPH - Thomas Jefferson University

Shervin Assari, MD, MPH, FAAHB - University of Michigan - Fellow

Shannon Gwin, PhD - University of Oklahoma

Derek Crawford, PhD - Pittsburg State University

Thad R. Leffingwell, PhD - Oklahoma State University

Vinayak K. Nahar, PhD - Lincoln Memorial University

Marie C. Boman-Davis, PhD, MPH, MCHES - National University

Jewel Scott - Duke University

Lisa Wigfall, PhD, MCHES - Texas A & M University

Jason Daniel-Ulloa, PhD,  University of Iowa

Christopher Robbins, PhD, University of Michigan

Joanne Sommers, M.Ed.,CHES
Executive Director 
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