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2024 Winner of the Judy K. Black Award

2024 Judy K. Black Award Winning Paper
"From Ads to Addictions: Unraveling the Impact of E-cigarette Marketing Features on Young Adult Choices"

Julia Chen-Sankey, Ph.D., MPPJulia Chen-Sankey, PhD, MPP

Rutgers School of Public Health
Rutgers University

Julia Chen-Sankey, PhD, MPP serves as an assistant professor within the Department of Health Behavior, Society, and Policy at the Rutgers School of Public Health, where she contributes significantly as a social and behavioral public health scientist. Additionally, she holds a pivotal role as a core faculty member at the Rutgers Institute for Nicotine & Tobacco Studies.

Dr. Chen-Sankey’s academic journey includes the attainment of a Master of Public Policy degree from Johns Hopkins University in 2012 and a Ph.D. in Behavioral and Community Health from the University of Maryland College Park in 2018. She further honed her expertise through predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships in tobacco control and health disparities at the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, culminating in 2021.

Her research endeavors, backed by over $1M in extramural funding as a Principal Investigator, are dedicated to exploring the impact of tobacco marketing on youth and young adults, as well as investigating tobacco use behaviors and disparities among vulnerable populations. Integrating methodologies from behavioral and neurocognitive science, addiction science, epidemiology, and commercial marketing, her research generates robust evidence informing tobacco prevention and control strategies and regulations.

Dr. Chen-Sankey’s contributions extend beyond academia, with over 70 peer-reviewed publications in esteemed journals and over 80 presentations at leading national and international conferences. She has also delivered more than 20 talks to diverse audiences, including clinical practitioners and governmental and academic organizations, shedding light on emerging tobacco products and policies.

Notably, Dr. Chen-Sankey’s achievements have been recognized through early career awards from the National Institutes of Health, professional organizations, and Rutgers University. Her work has garnered attention from various media outlets, such as CNN and the Baltimore Sun. Moreover, her publications have been cited in national and international policy documents related to tobacco product regulations.

In this presentation, Dr. Chen-Sankey delves into her latest research, which focuses on examining how various features of e-cigarette marketing influence the perceptions and usage patterns of e-cigarette products among young adults. Through a comprehensive analysis of marketing features, she sheds light on the complex interplay between advertising tactics and the behaviors of this demographic in relation to e-cigarette products. Additionally, Dr. Chen-Sankey offers insights into her early career trajectory, providing context for her current endeavors, and outlines her future research objectives. The presentation explores the dynamic landscape of e-cigarette marketing and its implications for public health and policy.

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