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Scientific Meeting 2023 - Poster Session 3

Tuesday, March 14, 2023
5:45pm - 6:45pm

Board # Authors Poster Title
302* Mohd Rafiq ,Alfiya Shaikh; Selina Stasi Overcoming Perceived Barriers to Physical Activity in a League Structured Program: An Interpretive Qualitative Study Design
303 Walsh-Buhi, Margaret L.; Howland, Allison A. Medical Autonomy and Choice-Making among Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
304 Wenhua Lu; Thinh Toan Vu; Leo Wilton; Mark Paige; Vijay Nandi; Emily Greene; Victoria Frye Patterns and Correlates of Alcohol Misuse among Young Black Men Who Have Sex with Men in New York City
305 Wenhua Lu; Melissa Bessaha; Miguel Muñoz-Laboy Youth Participation in Substance Use Prevention:  National Trends and Demographic Differences in the U.S.
306 Lee, Shieun; Chow, Angela; Luo, Juhua; Elam, Kit; Lohrmann, David Understanding Longitudinal Relations Among Frequent Social Media Use, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Use, and Internalizing Mental Health Problems Among U.S. Adolescents
307 Ahenda Petronella; John Sneha; He Ruby; Philip Hannah; Jasso-Moreno Diana; Mills Emily; Serrano Melanie; Ma Ping Systematic Review of Postpartum Smoking Relapse Interventions Among Maternal Women
308 Madhiri, Embedzayi; Tedross, Melodie; Wang, Haocen; Vidal, Victoria; Young, Christine; Martinez, Denise; Chen, Wei-Ju; Robbins-Furman Patricia; Page, Robin; Chen, Lei-Shih Pregnant Latinas’ perceptions on benefits and concerns of expanded carrier screening: A qualitative study
309 Misra, Ranjita; Kirk, Brenna O The Impact of COVID-19 on Rural Patient’s Diabetes Distress, Self-Care, and Quality of Life
310 Kirk, Brenna O; Misra, Ranjita; Khan, Raihan; Sambamoorthi, Usha Burnout Related to Diabetes Distress Among Rural West Virginians Living with Diabetes: A Mixed-Method Analysis
311 Kearney, Matthew, D; Bracy, Danny, P; Cronholm, Peter, K An analysis of past and present tweets about monkeypox, 2006-2022
312 Ocasio, Manuel, A; Kampa, Kathryn, T; Harper, Gary, W; Lightfoot, Marguerita; Fernandez, Maria, I Fluidity in Reporting Gender Identity Labels in a Diverse Sample of Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth: Implications for Prevention Research
313 Pickett, Andrew, C; Valdez, Danny; Sinclair, Kelsey, L; Kochell, Wesley; Fowler, Boone, C; Werner, Nicole, E “Hi Everyone, I Guess I’m Mainly Posting for Emotional Support”: An Analysis of Social Media Discourse Related to Caregiving for Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (AD/ADRD)
314 Kahwash, Jenna, M; Lilly, Christa, L; Claydon, Elizabeth, A; Alamir, Y; Zullig, Keith, J Fueling the Midnight Oil: Sleep quality, caffeine, and weight loss methods in college-attending young adults
315 Patel, Shreeya; Hollar, Lucas, T.; Biggs, Erin Higher county-level social vulnerability is associated with higher rates of adult obesity: Social vulnerability and adult obesity in the State of Florida, 2017
316 Patterson, Megan S.; Russell, Alex M.; Barry, Adam E. Utility of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for Conducting Alcohol-related Social Network Analyses: A Comparison of Two Distinct Egocentric Network Data Collection Approaches
317* Patterson, Megan S.; Heinrich, Katie M.; Prochnow, Tyler Mental health impacts of social connection within a group-based exercise program: A social network analysis
318 Suh, Ganghui; Ou, Tzung-Shiang; Lin, Hsien-Chang Associations between Positive Childhood Experiences and Adulthood Incarceration
319 Zheng, Xia; Yang, Meng; Li, Wenbo; Lin, Hsien-Chang The Mediating Roles of Mental Problems and Racial Differences in the Linkage Between Social Media Use and E-cigarette Use Among American Youth
320 Speed, Shannon; Ward, Rose Marie; Branscum, Paul; Barrios, Veronica; Budd, Kristen; Stackpole, Lucy; Haus, Lauren Reliability and initial validity for measures of drunkorexia: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior to Drunkorexia
321 Valdez, Danny; Edinger, Andy; Lorenzo-Luaces, Lorenzo; Rutter, Lauren, A.; Bollen, Johan Social media noise drowns out official and responsible health messaging: Deep-learning insights from a collection of tweets related to the global monkeypox outbreak
322 Yang, Meng; Lin, Hsien-Chang Family and peer factors associated with youth deception in tobacco use
323 Mendoza, Ivan, D.; Banda, Jorge, A.; Giano, Zachary; Hubach, Randolph, D. Using Public Health Surveillance Data to Explore the Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Fruit and Vegetable Intake among Adolescents
324 Smith, Alison; Merrill, Ray, M Mental Health of Families with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review
325 Merrill, Ray, M; Merrill, Andrew, W; Madsen, M Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Comorbid Mental Health Problems Associated with Increased Rate of Injury
326 Merrill, Ray, M Within- and Cross-Mental Health Disorder Correlations in Husband-and-Wife Pairs
327 Hanson, Carl; Merrill, Ray, M A Formative Evaluation of an Adolescent Online E-Cigarette Prevention Program
328 Heinrich, Katie M; George, Jason; Crawford, Derek A; Beattie, Cassandra M; Brin, Halle Can CrossFit and Weight Training Physical Education Prime Students for Lifelong Physical Activity Behaviors?
329 Moyers, Susette, A.; Hagger, Martin, S. Physical Activity and Cortisol Regulation: A Meta-Analysis
330 Young, Michael; Zullig, Keith; Donnelly, Joseph; Fluegeman, Stephanie Measuring the Importance Fathers Place on Modelling Healthy Behaviors
331 Galvin, Annalynn M.; Akpan, Idara N.; Lewis, Melissa A.; Walters, Scott T.; Thompson, Erika L. “I don’t have room for another one”: Reproductive interconception care barriers and facilitators among women recently pregnant and homelessness
332 Shambi, Dame Banti; Nigussei, Tadesse Cervical cancer screening and associated factors among rural women
333 Park, Hyejin Menthol cigarette use and transitions to other tobacco products by sex, race/ethnicity, and age group in U.S. adults
334 Robinson, Ty, A; Smith, Nathan, G; Obasi, Ezemenari , M; Reitzel, Lorraine, R Internalized Homonegativity and Somatic Anxiety Distinguish Former from Current Cigarette Smokers and may Represent Cessation Targets for Intervention in LGB Communities
335 Rony, Melissa; Quintero-Arias, Carolina; Osorio, Marcela; Ararso, Yonathan; Leigh, Chike; Norman, Elizabeth; Ravenell, Joseph, E; Wall, Stephen, P; Lee, David, C Dietary Behaviors and Nutritional Beliefs Among Black Men with Previously Undiagnosed Diabetes and Prediabetes
336 Rony, Melissa; Quintero-Arias, Carolina; Osorio, Marcela; Ararso, Yonathan; Leigh, Chike; Norman, Elizabeth; Ravenell, Joseph; Wall, Stephen; Lee, David Healthcare-seeking Behaviors Among Black Men with Previously Undiagnosed Diabetes and Prediabetes
337 Lafrenz, Andrew, J Translating Community Level Health Data into Multifunctional Urban Green Spaces
338 Lyu, Joanne, C; Meacham, Meredith; Nguyen, Nhung; Ling, Pamela, M Predictors of abstinence among young adult smokers enrolled in a real-world social media-based smoking cessation program

* Research Scholars Mentoring Program

Abstracts for Poster Session 3 - download here (PDF).

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