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Scientific Meeting 2023 - Poster Session 2

Monday, March 13, 2023
5:45pm - 6:45pm

Board # Authors Poster Title
201 Osuji, Chimuanya, P; Uyamasi, Kido; Tykeara, Mims; Joseph-Williams, Elizabeth; Jones-McKyer Lisako; Tasnim, Samia Association between race/ethnicity and weight management behaviors among US adults: findings from 2017-2020 National Health and Nutrition Examination (NHANES) Survey
202 Walsh-Buhi, Eric R; Walsh-Buhi, Margaret L; Houghton, Rebecca The development of a scale assessing monkeypox knowledge: Results from a nationally representative sample of Americans
203 Walsh-Buhi, Eric R; Walsh-Buhi, Margaret L; Houghton, Rebecca Monkeypox 2022: Fear, perceived susceptibility/severity, and vaccine intention in a nationally representative sample U.S. adults
204 Appleseth, Hannah, S; Croff, Julie, M.; Moyers, Susette, A.; Crockett-Barbera, Erica K. Impact of Perceived Parental Alcohol Problems on Adolescent and Young Adult Females' Depressive Symptoms, Family Satisfaction, and Binge Drinking
205 Montemayor, Benjamin, N.; Barry, Adam, E.; Russell, Alex, M.; Lin, Hsien-Chang; Ou, Tzung-Shiang; Massey, Phillip, M. Exploring Perceived Need for Treatment among Hazardous Drinking Adults: Implications for Prospective Treatment Uptake
206* Montemayor, Benjamin, N.; Merianos, Ashley, L.; Sherman, Ledric, D.; Jacobs, Wura; Smith, Matthew, L. Exploring the Utility of Cannabis in Managing Symptoms of Chronic Conditions among non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic Men
207 Ngozi Nnoli; Pey-Jiuan Lee; Elizabeth Pyatak An exploration of social injustice among young adults with Type-1 Diabetes from low-income, racial/ethnic minority backgrounds using social needs as a predictor
208 McLaurin, Natalie, N; Tabibi, Doonya, S; Wang, Tianyu; Alhalimi, Taha, A; Harrison, Louis; Lehrer, H Matthew; Tanaka, Hiro; Steinhardt, Mary, A Coping with Discrimination and Psychosocial Health Determinants in African Americans with Type 2 Diabetes
209 England, Kelli J.; Edwards, Ann L.; Gordon, Emily R.; Putnam, Emily L.; Dobyns, Taylor; Springer, Charles E. Mixed-methods Evaluation, Refinement, and Dissemination of a Booster Seat Intervention
210 Pham, Loree, T; Hernandez, Ray; Spruijt-Metz, Donna; Gonzalez, Jeffrey, S; Pyatak, Elizabeth, A Short-term impacts of physical activity on mood and well-being among adults with T1D
211 Koob, Caitlin; Stuenkel, Mackenzie; Smolens, Nicole; Richardson, Emily; Amati, Blakely; Eicken, Meredith; Sease, Kerry Piloting and Expanding a Food Resource Navigation Model: Using community resource navigators to address food security in a community health setting
212 Shreffler, Karina M.; Jones, Emily J.; Dwyer, Kathleen A.; Finnell, Karla; Joachims, Christine N. Examining Social-Structural Reasons for Not Attending Postpartum Care Visits Among Indigenous Patients
213 Branscum, Paul; Hackman, Christine; Alber, J Evaluating the validity and reliability of an instrument to conduct a formative evaluation of a social marketing campaign to promote bystander intervention to stop sexual harassment
214 Lewis, Melissa, A Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana Use among Adolescents: 2016-2019, USA
215 Saba, Victoria, C; Tabibi, Doonya, S; Cebulske, Lauren, D; Lehrer, H Matthew; Steinhardt, Mary, A The Association Between Mental Health and Resilience Resources in African Americans with Type 2 Diabetes
216 Madhiri, E; Patterson, M. S.; Gagnon, L. R. Egocentric Social Network Characteristics, Mental Health, and Flourishing Among College Students
217 Moore, Tamecia; Fuster, Melissa; Quantz, Yvette; Kimball, Molly; Knapp, Megan Restaurants as Environments for Healthy Eating: Factors that Contribute to Restaurant-Based Healthy Eating Program Implementation in Louisiana
218 Khan, Raihan, K; Jehi, Tony; Zaman, Sojib; Peachey, Andy Mixed Method Approach Towards the College Students’ Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Let Us Be Prepared for the Next One
219 Nair, Isha; Chase, Kendall; Hughes-Wagner, Alexandra T.; Schwab-Reese, Laura M.; DeMaria, Andrea L. A Content Analysis of Sexual and Reproductive Health TikTok Posts During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Gen-Z Experience
220 Bhochhibhoya, Shristi; Reidy, Dennis, E; Baumler, Elizabeth, R; Markham, Christine, M; Peskin, Melissa, F; Shegog, Ross; Emery, Susan, T; Temple, Jeff, R Sexual violence perpetration and sexual risk behaviors among adolescents: A longitudinal study
221 Hughes-Wegner, Alexandra T; Lynch, Maia; Otten, Emily; DeMaria, Andrea L. “Sometimes I feel uglier than ever”: Influences on Internal and External Body Image
222 Oloruntoba, Oluyomi; Bergeron, Caroline, D; Zhong, Lixian; Merianos, Ashley, L; Sherman, Ledric, D; Kew, Chung Lin; Goidel, Kirby; Smith, Matthew, Lee Pharmacological pain management strategies prescribed or recommended to non-Hispanic Black men with chronic pain
223 Dolphin, Kathryn E.; Wong, Mason The Role of Physical Activity in Reducing Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Meta-Analysis
224 Dykstra, Chandler; Laily, Alfu; Marsh, Erica E.; Kasting, Monica; DeMaria, Andrea L. “I think people should be more aware:” Uterine fibroid experiences among women living in Indiana
225 Ruopeng An; Christopher W. Byron Jr.; Chen Chen; Xiaoling Xiang A Field Test of Popular Chatbots’ Responses to Questions Concerning Negative Body Image
226 Ruopeng An; Yuyi Yang; Quinlan Batcheller; Qianzi Zhou Sentiment Analysis of Tweets on Soda Taxes
227 Kline, Nolan S.; Griner, Stacey B.; Neelamegam, Malinee; Webb, Nathaniel J.; Morris-Harris, Deborah; Carlo, John; Guadian, Jonathan; Dunlap, Barbara Academic Institutional Barriers and Facilitators to Community-Based Participatory Research about COVID-19 Vaccination
228 Thomson, Jessica, L; Landry, Alicia, S; Walls, Tameka, I Diet Quality Differences Among Racial/Ethnic Minorities by English Vs Non-English Speaking Household
229 Becerra, Lizbeth; Grigsby, Timothy. J.; Rogers, Christopher, J.; Areba, Eunice; Forster, Myriam Latent profiles of sociocultural stressors in a sample of immigrant origin Hispanic and Somali adolescents: Associations with mental health
230 DeBate, Rita, D; Bleck, Jennifer; Thompson, Erika; Kline, Nolan Examining mental health among multiply minoritized college students:  The need for Intersectional approaches
231 Berg, Carla J.; LoParco, Cassidy R.; Pannell, Alexandria; Griffith, Lynniah; Cui, Yuxian; Romm, Katelyn F.; Cavazos-Rehg, Patricia A review of social media platform policies that address cannabis marketing
232 LoParco, Cassidy, R.; Yockey, Robert, A.; Sekhon, Vishaldeep, K.; Olsson, S.; Rossheim, Matthew, E. An overview of kratom retail availability and associated factors in Fort Worth, Texas
233 LoParco, Cassidy, R.; Walters, Scott, T.; Zhou, Zhengyang; Rossheim, Matthew, E. State cannabis laws, risk perceptions, and Delta-8 THC use among young adults
234 Seo, Dong-Chul; Crabtree, Charlotte; Phillips, Justin; Lee, Shin Hyung; Cochran, Nikki Community Conditions, Practices, and Beliefs Contributing to Inequitable Opioid Overdose Education and Response in Black-Dominant Indianapolis Communities
235 Lee, SH; Han, D-H; Seo, D-C Toward a Better Understanding of Adult Dual Use of Cigarettes and E-cigarettes Based on Use Intensity and Reasons for Dual Use
236 Price, Anna, E; DeNisco, Sue; Milner, Kerry Opioid prescribing for chronic pain in federally qualified health centers – post Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines
237 Rovito, Michael J; Craycraft, Mike; Adams, Wesley; Maresca, Michael; Saab, Mohamad; Cary, Clint; Gooljar, Chayna; Martinez, Sydney; Abu Zanet, Rama Testicular cancer symptom recognition and stage of diagnosis

* Research Scholars Mentoring Program

Abstracts for Poster Session 2 - download here (PDF).

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