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Scientific Meeting 2023 - Poster Session 1

Sunday, March 12, 2023
5:30pm - 6:30pm

Board # Authors Poster Title
101 Cheng, Chi-Chia; Hwang, Nae-Chyi; Chen, Jeng-Wen; Wu, Wei-En; Liu, Yen-Hung; Ciou, Jhao-Yuan Sexual Behavior Motivation and the Risk and Protective factors for STI among MSM with multiple sex partners: An application of designing an educational microfilm
102 Shahverdi, Abnous; Forster, Myriam; Alhassan, Sarah; Dahlman, Linn; Vigil, Jorge; Rainisch, Bethany The potential for college campus prevention programs to disrupt the adverse childhood experiences and past 30-day substance use association among diverse students
103 Shahverdi, Abnous; Forster, Myriam; Alhassan, Sarah; Dahlman, Linn; Vigil, Jorge; Rainisch, Bethany The effectiveness of a novel multi-module prevention web-app on enhancing perceived health risk associated with substance use among diverse college students at a Hispanic serving institution in Southern California
104 Das, Akanksha; Chen, Charlie; Kovach, Sophie; Arrasmith, Chloe; Miljkovic, Kristina Examining the Relation between COVID-19 and Alcohol Behaviors among College Students
105 Pinto, Sharrel, L; Kotschevar, Chris, M; Hunt, Aaron; Middendorf, Alex; Robbins, Chris, B; Miller, Erin; Van Gilder, Deidre Impact of a public health awareness campaign on patients' perceptions of expanded pharmacy services in South Dakota using the Theory of Planned Behavior
106 Le, Kathy; Taing, Matthew; Britton, Maggie; Chen, Tzu-An; Parent, Michael C; Tami-Maury, Irene; Martinez Leal, Isabel; Rogova, Anastasia; Kyburz, Bryce; Reitzel, Lorraine R Tobacco use interventions among Texas healthcare centers providing behavioral health care for sexual and gender minority patients
107 Tasmiah Nuzhath Primary Care Physicians’ Rhetorical Strategies for Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy
108 Howard, Kerry, A; Griffin, Sarah, F; Rennert, Lior Systematic Examination of Methodological Inconsistency in Operationalizing Cognitive Reserve and the Relationship Between Operationalization and Cognitive Decline
109 Howard, Kerry, A; Griffin, Sarah, F; Rennert, Lior Systematic Examination of Methodological Inconsistency in Operationalizing Cognitive Reserve and the Relationship Between Operationalization and Cognitive Decline
110 Raman, Shivani; Burton, William; Gimpel, Nora; Umana, Laura; Hurt, Marcus Impact of a self-measured blood pressure monitoring program in a free clinic setting
111 Murray, Regan M; Chiang, Shawn; Hill, Larry; Manganello, Jennifer; Leader, Amy; Klassen, Ann; Lo, Wen-Juo; Massey, Philip Documenting online recruitment and enrollment for social media intervention research to strengthen data quality and transparency
112 Akpan, Idara, N; Yockey, Andrew, R; Galvin, Annalynn, M; Thompson, Erika, L Pregnancy intention and contraception method use among women aged 15-49 years in the United States: 2017-2019 National Survey of Family Growth
113 Fernandez, Sofia B.; Wilson, Courtney; Pinzon Iregui, Claudia, M.; Maldonado, Maria, D.; Perez, Katherine; Clarke, Rachel; Fleites, Caleigh; Martin, Nicholas; Howard, Melissa; Huang, Hui Modifications to evidenced-based intervention designs: Towards translational approaches that allow for flexibility
114 Satish, Nakita; Whipps, Mackenzie, D.M.; Price, Candice; Ketchersid, Audriana; D'Souza, Indira; Ebong, Imo; Van Nord, Megan, G; Taiwo, Tanya; Hedriana, Herman; Simmons, Leigh Ann A systematic review of behavioral interventions to improve maternal health in pregnant people at high risk for cardiovascular complications
115 Elijah, Odunayo, A; Mumba, Mercy, N; Naher, Shabnam Theory-Based Literature Review of the Effectiveness of Internet-based Interventions in the Management of Cardiovascular Diseases
116 Pasillas-Pablo, Daniel; Jacobs, Wura; Leventhal, Adam Adverse childhood experiences, everyday discrimination, social concern, and tobacco and cannabis product use among young adults
117 Johnson, Kaeli, C.; Griner, Stacey, B.; Akpan, Idara, N.; Galvin, Annalynn, M.; Webb, Nathaniel; Kline, Nolan, S.; Litt, Dana, M.; Lewis, Melissa, A.; Thompson, Erika, L. Young Adults’ Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs Related to Alcohol Use: The Perspectives of Community Stakeholders
118 Umstattd Meyer, M Renée; Wende, Marilyn, E; Prochnow, Tyler; Ylitalo, Kelly, R; Delgado, Haley; Johnson, Cassandra, M; Gómez, Luis; Sharkey, Joseph, R Psychosocial outcomes of a culturally tailored, family-centered father-focused health promotion program for Mexican-heritage families: ¡Haz Espacio para Papi! (Make Room for Daddy)
119 Crockett-Barbera, Erica, K.; Moyers, Susette, A.; Chiaf, Ashleigh, L.; Appleseth, Hannah; Croff, Julie, M. Cannabis Use Behavior: The Effects of Social Support and Adverse Childhood Experiences
120 Asfar, Taghrid; Oluwole, Olusanya, J.; Casas, Alejandra; Friedman, Lily Testing the Effectiveness of Pictorial Waterpipe-specific Health Warning Labels Compared with The FDA Text-only Labels: An Online Factorial Experimental Study
121 Yuan, Shuhan; Gillespie, Delaney; Lin, Hsien-Chang; Chow, Angela Supporting Mental Health and Goal Achievement: A Qualitative Study of the Strengths of a Virtual Peer Mentoring Program as Perceived by the Mentees
122 Tsegaw Menen; Kassie Ayenew; Alemnew Wallelign Motivational factors influencing readiness to use youth friendly services among secondary school students in East Belesa district, Ethiopia, using the Theory of Planned Behavior, 2022
124 Ganz, Ollie; Schulz, Jonathan A.; Ehlke, Sarah J.; Villanti, Andrea C. Cigarette Smoking Behaviors and Nicotine Dependence at the Intersection of Sexual Identity and Sex: Findings from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2015-2019
125 Zullig, Keith, J.; Canady, Brittany, E.; Brumage, Michael, R.; Goerling, Richard; Smith, Stephanie; Gardner, Madelin; Vangilder, Vanessa; Lilly, Christa, L. Transforming Front Line Health Workers and Law Enforcement Personnel with Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training (MBRT)
126 Merianos, Ashley, L; Leventhal, Adam L Reasons for Cannabis Use and Risk of Cannabis Use Disorder Among Young Adults
127 Chow, Angela; Lin, Hsien-Chang Capturing Differential Effects of In-Person and Online Connections on Mental Health and Resilience using a Revised Lubben Social Network Scale Among College Students
128 Shanazari, Eric; Rogers, Christopher J.; Unger, Jennifer B.; Benjamin, Stephanie; Forster, Myriam The impact of childhood trauma on the relationship between social media use and internet addiction
129 Carter, Brian, J; Britton, Maggie; Chen, Tzuan, A; Siddiqi, Ammar, D; Martinez Leal, Isabel; Correa-Fernández, Virmarie; Rogova, Anastasia; Kyburz, Bryce; Williams, Teresa; Casey, Kathleen; Reitzel, Lorraine , R Training substance use treatment center providers on tobacco use treatments is associated with increased provision of counseling and pharmacotherapy to tobacco-using patients
130 Wang, Shanshan; Nandy, Rajesh, R; Rossheim, Matthew, E Associations between e-cigarette use and sleep health among adults in the US, NHANES 2015-2018
131 Martinez, Rebecca, G; Frank, Jaclyn; Schnolis, Emma; Otten, Emily; Arora, Anukriti; DeMaria, Andrea; Cromer, Risa; Ruiz, Yumary; Rodriguez, Natalia Understanding the Menstrual Health Needs of People Experiencing Homelessness during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Lafayette, Indiana
132 Laily, Alfu; Reed, Jason, B; Powers, Madeline, Q; Giuliano, Anna; Kasting, Monica The Association between Inflammatory Diet and Infection-Related Cancers in Adults: A Systematic Review
133 Ma, Junye; Paltin, Dafna; Black, Ashley; Baker, Jason, V; Horvath, Keith, J Sexual racism on geosocial networking applications and perceived social support among sexual minority men in the U.S.
134 Guevara Galicia, Maria, G; Shanazari, Eric; Becerra, Lizbeth; Nuñez, Velia; Robles, Cynthia; Forster, Myriam; Unger, Jennifer The health effects of familial incarceration from adolescence through early adulthood
135 Kearney, Patricia M; Stamenic, Danko; Gajewska Kate; O'Sullivan, Margaret; Doyle, Sarah; O'Reilly, Orlaith; Buckley, CM Cross-sectional national survey of Compliance Behaviour, Knowledge and Attitudes among Cases and Close Contacts during COVID-19 Pandemic
136 Jafry, Midhat, Z; Shabaneh, Noor; Chen, Tzuan, A; Britton, Maggie; Martinez Leal, Isabel; Correa- Fernández, Virmarie; Carter, Brian, J; Rogova, Anastasia; Kyburz, Bryce; Williams, Teresa Smoking Prevalence is Overestimated by Employees at Substance Use Treatment Centers, Both Before and After Education Provided During the Implementation of a Comprehensive Tobacco-Free Workplace Program
137 McDaniel, Justin, T; Jayawardene, Wasantha; Albright, David, L; Redner, Ryan Disparities in Tobacco Use among Veterans Enrolled in Medicaid or Veterans Affairs
138 Cowan, April C; Pryor, Loree E; Li, Chih-Ying Examining Musculoskeletal Disorders among Academicians: A Cross-Sectional Survey Design

* Research Scholars Mentoring Program

Abstracts for Poster Session 1 - download here (PDF).

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