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2017 Scientific Meeting

March 19-22, 2017 
Tucson, AZ

“Health Behavior Research
in the Age of Personalized Medicine"

Meeting Slideshow

Thanks to the sponsors of the 2017 Scientific Meeting

Nationwide Childrens Stata Texas A&M Public Health Truth Initiative Baylor Health, Human Performance and Recreation Sacred Heart Hospital College of Health Professions Duke University School of Nursing Arizona Prevention Research Center

Fellows Support

Carolyn Johnson - Tulane University
Cheryl Perry - University of Texas
Kenneth Ward - University of Memphis
Michael Young - Center for Evidence-Based Programming
Marcia Ory - Texas A & M
Kenneth Beck - University of Maryland
Dennis Thombs - University of North Texas Health Science Center
Jay Maddock - Texas A & M University
E. Lisako McKyer - Texas A & M
Gary L. Kreps - George Mason University
Adam Leventhal - University of Southern California
Keith Zullig - West Virginia University School of Public Health
Elbert Glover - American Journal of Health Behavior
Herb Severson - Oregon Research Institute
David Sleet - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Mohammad Torabi - Indiana University
Matthew Lee Smith - MLS Health Services, Inc.

Underwrite a Student's Registration, Breakfast Roundtable or Break Sponsors

Kansas State University
Matthew Lee Smith, PhD, MPH, FAAHB
David Sleet, PhD, FAAHB
Kent State
Jeff Hallam, PhD - Kent State University

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