The American Academy of Health Behavior
Mission, Values, and Goals

Mission of AAHB

The mission of the American Academy of Health Behavior™ is to serve as the “research home” for health behavior scholars committed to excellence and diversity in research to improve the public's health.

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    Values of AAHB

    1. Equity - Dedication to promoting, including, and respecting the diversity and strengths of individuals, organizations, communities, and populations

    2. Excellence - Strives to achieve the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of the Academy

    3. Health Behavior Research - Commitment to science-based research that leads to new knowledge, advances practice, and informs national health priorities

    4. Honesty and Integrity - Guided by a collective commitment to sound and just ethical behavior in research and practice

    5. Merit - Commitment to professional recognition within The Academy based on scientific merit and accomplishments

    6. Professional Growth - Fosters mentoring and development for all members of The Academy across the professional life-span

    Goals of AAHB

    1. Foster development and dissemination of knowledge through sponsorship of scientific meetings, symposia, and publications.

    2. Recognize outstanding achievements in the areas of health behavior research.

    3. Encourage collaborative research efforts.

    4. Influence health policy and allocation of resources within agencies, private foundations, and universities.

    5. Foster the research career of young scholars

    6. Establish financial solvency and security of The Academy to assure high quality and efficiency of the Academy.

    7. Increase member participation to improve the Academy.

    8. Increase national/international influence of the Academy.

    9. Create and sustain an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of diversity as reflected in membership, health behavior.

    Joanne Sommers, M.Ed.,CHES
    Executive Director 
    Phone: (419) 760-6020

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