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CALL FOR 2020 AAHB TEDx Submissions in Napa, California

Calling all TED junkies! Have you ever wanted to learn how to give a TED talk, but you have never known how or where to start? Then this is the news you’ve been waiting for! As part of the 20th Annual AAHB Scientific Meeting, organizers will be featuring a TEDx-inspired event for all attendees. Read on to learn how you can apply for this exciting opportunity.

Selected presenters will receive professional coaching in preparation for live TEDx-like event on March 9, 2020 at the 20th Annual AAHB Scientific Meeting in Napa, CA. Organizers will pre-select members based on their demonstrated passion and potential to deliver innovative ideas to our AAHB member community. Through this forum, we hope to share thought-provoking ideas about our science to spark conversation, make connections, and inspire others.

AAHB members from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Through professional coaching, speakers will gain skills in storytelling, content framing, presentation and delivery. During the process, professional coaches will work individually with presenters in preparation for the event in March. AAHB will cover a portion of the fees associated with providing this professional training, in addition to professional video recording of the presentations. This cost-sharing is to help off-set costs to the academy and ensure speakers are committed to the training and event.

Applications are due November 29, 2019. Applicants will be notified of decisions in December.

Why is AAHB doing a TED-style event at the annual meeting?

Yes, we are changing things up, but retaining what we value most. This presentation style achieves five important goals for the Academy.

  1. IT TEACHES—a compelling way to present information that places emphasis on stories.
  2. IT HUMANIZES—by making the experts vulnerable and their stories personal.
  3. IT SIMPLIFIES—complex subject matter to one central idea, leading to greater understanding.
  4. IT COMPELS—audiences with a reason to care, learn and also take action.
  5. IT TRANSFORMS—people, perceptions and internal cultures, as well as how to communicate better going forward. It has the ability to renew greater appreciation and momentum for our organization’s purpose.

BENEFITS. The benefits of this 8-week coaching approach go far beyond the immediate gratification of delivering a great presentation. Selected presenters will receive the following:

  • Professional one-on-one coaching over 8 weeks;

  • A professional video of your presentation available for sharing;
      • Connections to top speaker training firm and coaches; (you can bring this event style and/or training back to your institution); 
        • Opportunity to present your science and share your idea with AAHB conference attendees.

        • Free conference registration for Napa, CA 2020 annual meeting  ($650 savings off of the member regular registration rate)

        ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA. Eligible Applicants will be Full Members, in good standing, and agree to:

        • Attend the Annual Meeting on March 8-11 in Napa, CA; and
        • Participate in a six-part coaching/training series (via teleconference).

        TO APPLY:

        • You must be a Full Member of AAHB
        • Submit your description of your idea in 100 words
        • Agree to be available on 3/8/20 and 3/9/20 in person
        • Agree to cost-sharing requirement of $700 ($1050 savings off of the regular TEDx style training fee $1750)
        • Upload a short 1-2 minute video of yourself telling us about your idea

        SPEAKER TRAINING. The training/coaching engagement will take our selected speakers through a comprehensive process to develop a short, concise, and relevant Transforming (TED-Style) Talk about their field of study. This process teaches a more compelling way to deliver a talk while allowing the speaker to do it in content they are passionate about. Each coaching cohort will include the following sessions.

        • Part 1—Group Orientation Session: 45-minute session held with speakers and conference planners to give an outline of the training process and methodology behind it. Held approximately eight weeks prior to presentation date. PART 1. WEEK OF JAN 20
        • Part 2—One 30-40-minute coaching session: 1:1 with trainer/coach to begin the process of picking the one idea that will be presented in the talk. Call will be recorded and sent to the speaker. Held approximately six weeks prior to presentation date. PART 2. WEEK OF JAN 27
        • Part 3—One 30-40-minute coaching session. 1:1 with trainer/coach to move the framework into a talk outline, adding stories and discussion visuals. Call will be recorded and sent to the speaker. Held approximately four weeks prior to presentation date. PART 3. WEEK OF FEB 10
        • Part 4—One 50-60-minute session. 1:1 by video conference with trainer/coach to review the talk outline. Held approximately two weeks prior to presentation date. PART 4. WEEK OF FEB 24
        • Part 5—Held the day before the formal talk is presented to a live audience. Rehearsal date is Sunday, March 8th (afternoon) in Napa, CA. PART 5. MARCH 8
        • Part 6—Delivery/Event: Presented to a live audience on Monday, March 9th (morning) with recordings for future sharing/postings.PART 6. MARCH 9

        Tips for Recording and Submitting your Application Video:

        Use your smart phone or have a friend/colleague record you on their phone.

        • Tap Apps.
        • Tap Camera.
        • If the camera is turned on: Drag the indicator to the video recorder icon.
        • To zoom in or out: Tap the upper or lower part of the Volume key.
        • Turn on video light.
        • Tap Flash.
        • Tap On.
        • Tap the record icon to start the video recorder.
        • Don’t read a script…just talk, really, you do this all the time.
        • Don’t overthink it. Press record.
        • We are NOT looking for a rehearsed presentation, or a script that you read.
        • We are most interested in your idea.

        In your 1-2 minute video:

        1. Tell us who you are.

        2. Tell us where you work and/or the type of health behavior research you do.

        3. Tell us about your idea. With a talented pool of applicants, clearly articulate your idea!

        4. Tell us why this idea matters. What would change if we adopted this idea and why important?

        Looking for a couple of example of great audition videos?

        Watch Zak Ebrahim’s short audition video: 

        Watch Sally Kohn’s short audition video: 

        A link to a dropbox folder will be emailed to after submitting your application.

        Click here for application form

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