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Poster Tours!

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An exciting element of the Annual Meeting AAHB poster sessions!

Poster Tours enable conference attendees to visit posters related to a particular topic/theme with others who share similar interests. A ‘Tour Guide’ with expertise in the topic area will lead a group of 6 attendees to relevant posters and wrap up the tour with comments/discussion questions.

Each tour will include five posters allowing participants time to visit additional posters after the tour. 

This year’s poster tour topics:

  • Sunday: 
Chronic Disease and Health Care
  • Monday: 
Innovations in Health Behavior Research 
  • Tuesday: 
Nicotine Use and Tobacco Policy

If you are interested in one of the poster tours at the 2016 Annual Meeting, please register to reserve your spot!

Please note that poster tour participation is free and that all poster tours are limited to 6 participants per tour.

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