The American Academy of Health Behavior

Governance Policies

Membership and Development Council and Membership Procedures

The Membership and Development Council has three major responsibilities: (i) building and maintaining the membership of The Academy; (ii) screening and evaluation of applications for membership, establishment of appropriate criteria for membership, reviewing allegations of unethical conduct of members, and administering the procedures for revocation of membership; and (iii) screening and evaluating of members as potential Fellows with The Academy.

Procedures for Nominating and Electing Officers

The Election Procedures policy describes the eligibility of officers, the nomination process, balloting procedures, verification of ballots, and counting of ballots.

Guidelines for Selecting the Research Laureate

The purpose of the Academy Research Laureate Award is to honor an individual or a group of individuals who made a significant and inveterate contribution to the health education and health promotion profession through a body of research. The Research Laureate is the highest award bestowed by the Academy. The policy describes the composition of the selection committee, the selection criteria, and the procedures involved.

Joanne Sommers, M.Ed.,CHES
Executive Director 
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