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Academy Councils and Committees

There are many opportunities for Academy involvement. Members are encouraged to join a council or committee listed below by contacting the respective chair.

Members can also apply for the Annual Scientific Meeting Research Review Chair (formerly the Abstract chair) position by contacting AAHB Executive Director, Joanne Sommers at


 Chair and Members


Awards Council Chair: Hsien-Chang Lin
Term: 2018-2021
Ruopeng An
Katie Heinrich
Adam Knowlden
Kaigang Li
Wenhua Lu
Matthew Smith
Samuel Towne
  • Solicit and review applications for the Judy K. Black Award
  • Solicit and review applications for the Mentorship Award
  • Work with the Research Review Chair on the Conference Poster Awards (Professional and Student)
Diversity and Equity Council

Chair: Wenhua Lu

Xuewei Chen

Shevon Harvey

Yan Huang

Ping Ma

E. Lisako J. McKyer

Jebose Okwumabua

David Seal

Ledric Sherman

Christina Sun

Erika S. Trapl

Mohammad Torabi

  •  Work with the executive board to facilitate adoption, integration and maintenance of diversity and equity values throughout AAHB membership and its activities.
  • Interface with and provide support to other councils and committees to fulfill their responsibilities as they relate to diversity and equity issues.
Marketing and Communications Council

Chair: Kathryn E. Dolphin
Yumary Ruiz

Kelli England
  • Evaluate and update website
  • Conduct member surveys
  • Disseminate scientific information such as conference proceedings
  • Market the organization
Membership Development Council

Chair: Lorraine Reitzel
Jennie Kronenfeld
Philip Massey

Mary Nies
Robert M. Weiler

  • Build and maintain memberships
  • Screen and evaluate membership applications
  • Establish appropriate criteria for membership
  • Review allegations of unethical member conduct
  • Administer procedures for revocation of membership
  • Screen and evaluate members as potential Fellows
Professional Development and Mentoring Council Chair: Sarah Griffin
Lauren Bartsch
Idethia Shevon Harvey               
Wura Jacobs
Hsien-Chang Lin                         
Sarah Maness
Matthew Rossheim
Matthew Lee Smith
Erika Thompson
Amanda Wilkerson
  • To offer professional development opportunities for all levels of academy members: students, early career, established career
  • To facilitate year-round linkages and interactions between academy members
  • To promote increased recognition and honor of member accomplishments and contributions
Resource Development Council

Chair: Dennis Thombs

Term: 2020 - 2023

Daphne Hernandez

Annie Nguyen

Lisa Wigfall

  • Foster collaborative activities with governmental and scientific organizations
  • Provide a forum for other organizations to receive consultation/expertise from Academy members
  • Develop position papers, research summarize and guidelines for research competencies
  • Develop resources for the Academy


 Chair and Members


Conference Committee (2021) 

Conference Chair: Lisako McKyer

Program Chair:  Samuel Towne

Term:  2020-2021
Lisako McKyer (President)
Julie Merten(Past Chair)

Jay Maddock (Past Program Chair)

Lara McKenzie (Past President)

Hsien Chang Lin (Awards Chair)

Katie Dolphin (Marketing & Communications Council)
Sarah Griffin  (Professional Development & Mentoring Council)
Dennis Thombs (Resource Development Council), 
Wenhua Lu (Diversity and Equity Chair)
Erika Thompson (Research Review Chair)

Phillip Massey (Past Research Review Chair)

Meg Patterson (2022 Research Review Chair)

Ledric Sherman (2022 Conference Chair)

Joanne Sommers (Executive Director)

  • Recommend conference theme and speakers proposals to the AAHB Board of Directors
  • Guide and invite speakers
  • Work with Marketing and Communications Council to promote the meeting through the Academy website, listserv, and other outlets
  • Coordinate awards with Awards Committee, workshops, and professional development luncheons with assistance from the Professional Development & Mentoring Council 
Finance Committee

Chair:  Lisa Wigfall

Term: 2020 - 2023

Lisako McKyer
Lara McKenzie                                  Lisako McKyer                     

Annie Nguyen                                  Joanne Sommers

  • Make recommendations regarding fiscal policy to the Board of Directors, including but not limited to proposals and recommendations regarding investment and management of the Academy reserves
  • Perform accounting and fiscal procedures
  • Provide annual and conference budgets
  • Review Academy expenditures
Research Review Committee Chair: Erika Thompson
Term: 2020-2021
Philip Massey
  • Release call for abstracts
  • Recruit abstract reviewers
  • Review annual meeting abstracts
  • Recruit poster judges
  • Judge posters at the annual meeting
Joanne Sommers, M.Ed.,CHES
Executive Director 
Phone: (419) 760-6020

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