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Agenda - Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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If you are NOT staying at the hotel, use the username: AAHB and password: 123

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6:30 am -
7:15 am
Francis Marion Room

UnPlug Activity:  Good Morning Yoga

 Presenter: Melissa Helms

7:30 am -
7:00 pm

Outside of Gold Ballroom

 Meeting Registration

7:30 am -
8:30 am

Poinsett Ballroom

Click Here for Topics:  Breakfast and Roundtables 

New members, attendees, and students are encouraged to join a roundtable and meet senior Academy members

8:45 am-
9:00 am
Gold Ballroom

Introduction of Speakers 

  • M. Renée Umstattd Meyer, PhD (Moderator)
9:00 am -
9:30 am
Gold Ballroom


9:30 am -

10:00 am

Gold Ballroom

  • Speaker: Joseph G.  Grzywacz, PhD - College of Human Sciences, Florida State University
  • Presentation Title:  Multiple Health Behavior Change: A Developmental and Familial Perspective
  • Grzywacz, AAHB Presentation.pdf
10:00 am - 
10:30 am

Gold Ballroom

  • Speaker: Julie Croff, PhD, MPH - Center for Health Sciences, Oklahoma State University
  • Presentation Title:  Multi-Modal Approaches to Measuring Behavior in Teenagers and Young Adults
  • Croff AAHB Methods_participant version.pdf

10:30 am -
10:45 am
10:45 am -
11:15 am
Gold Ballroom
  • Speaker: Christina Chambers, PhD -  School of Medicine, University of California - San Diego
  • Presentation Title:  Can We Develop a Biomarker of Future Neurobehavioral Deficits Due to Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol?
  • Chambers_AAHB 2019.pdf
11:15 am -
12:15 pm 
Gold Ballroom
Panel Discussion

12:30 pm -
2:00 pm
Gold Ballroom
 Professional Development and Mentoring Luncheon 
(All conference attendees are welcome to attend. If not the first 35 students or AAHB members, please bring your own lunch.)
  • Presenter: Florence J Breslin, MS, CCRP (Laureate Institute for Brain Research)
  • Title: Accessing and Understanding the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study: An Introduction to the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study Dataset
  • AAHB_Breslin_Lunch.pdf

3:30 pm -
4:15 pm
Gold Ballroom
 Future Directions and Meeting of the Membership
 (all members are invited and encouraged to attend)

4:15 pm -
4:45 pm
Gold Ballroom
Inauguration of the Incoming AAHB President
  • Presenter: Mark Reed, PhD, 2018-2019 AAHB President AAHB

Presidential Address (Gold BallRoom)

  • Lara McKenzie, PhD, 2019-2020 AAHB President
5:00 pm -
6:00 pm
President's Reception (Invitation Only)
  • Host: Mark Reed, PhD, 2018-2019 AAHB President

6:00 pm -
7:30 pm

Poinsett Ballroom
 Poster Session & Social
 (light Hors d' oeuvres, 1 free drink per person and cash bar; guest tickets available)

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