The American Academy of Health Behavior

AAHB 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting Overview

March 10-13, 2019

Westin Poinsett, Greenville, South Carolina

Theory and Applications of Multiple Health Behavior Change

Most individuals engage in multiple related unhealthy behaviors, such as poor diet, sedentary lifestyle,  tobacco use, and alcohol and drug misuse, as opposed to any single unhealthy behavior alone. These behaviors cluster due to shared biological, psychosocial, cultural, environmental, and behavioral antecedents and processes. Emerging health behavior theories acknowledge the interaction and mutual influence of behavior and biology on health and disease outcomes. Studies also have demonstrated that changes in one behavior can mutually benefit other behaviors, improving overall health for individuals and communities. While some research has examined multiple health behavior change interventions and found them to be successful, this remains an important area of research to address population level rises in the prevalence of poor health behaviors and associated morbidity, disability, mortality, and health care costs. This conference will focus on theory and applications of multiple health behavior change, including discussing theoretical foundations for this direction of research, examining common influences that can impact two or more behaviors simultaneously, and presenting design and analysis methods to develop, test, and disseminate multiple health behavior change interventions for individuals and communities.

Joanne Sommers, M.Ed.,CHES
Executive Director 
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